Princess Coat – Coats – Clothing – Topshop USA.






Black Faux Snakeskin Trim Trolley Suitcase – Bags & Purses – Accessories – Topshop USA.






Shutter Speed Bag | Mod Retro Vintage Bags |

I really think, I may shel out the money to buy this, I have been in love with it for-ev-errrr (insert audio clip from the sandlot) You think I should?









Audrey Hepburn Cute Mini Dress / Long Top by pinkskull on Etsy.

Man I fucking love Etsy



Marilyn Monroe Macbook Vinyl Decal by MacDecals2010 on Etsy.


haute cupcakes | YOON’s Blog | Hypebeast.

Yoon, I adore you.



The Sagmeister


If you enjoy graphic design or really…even any kind of art I highly urge ya to look at sagmeister’s work…He’s one of the most creative designers I’ve seen, even my teacher in my Graphic Design class had asked all of us to go to his site and look at his work. He even has an answers section that really helpful to aspiring designers and just explore his site there’s a lot to discover.  Especially try to check out his compass table, super cool.

Click Here to See His Work

Here’s some of my favorites

A few months ago I got my first pair of toms and I fell in love…Not only are they super comfortable, affordable, and adorable…for every pair you buy they give one away to a child in need what they call the One for One Project.  Here’s their blog. And now I really want to have a style your sole party.  Below is a picture I took of my toms…two down 🙂