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Marc, you make me so happy when you design in silver ZIP IT STUDS – M3PE515 – Marc By Marc Jacobs – Women’s Accessories Shoes and Bags – View All – Marc Jacobs.

  Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Black | Mod Retro Vintage Bathing Suits |    

Shutter Speed Bag | Mod Retro Vintage Bags | I really think, I may shel out the money to buy this, I have been in love with it for-ev-errrr (insert audio clip from the sandlot) You think I should?            

haute cupcakes | YOON’s Blog | Hypebeast. Yoon, I adore you.    

Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Marc Jacobs as Zombies: View Photos – The Daily Beast. oh my lord&taylor this is my kinda fashion! view the rest